Film Techniques - Movie Creation

Since the discovery of technology that enabled moving pictures to be produced, edited, and easily shown to the general population, techniques for movie creation evolved with each passing decade. This advancement, organized education, a gathering of knowledge, the creation of new and exciting movie styles, and the appearance of talented filmmakers and actors enabled the film industry to grow and reach incredible heights of popularity.

The film industry's basis always lay in the people who produced them and the tools they were given to play and explore with. After several decades of film production, their popularity grew so that filmmakers and their financial backers started to organize into film studios – enterprises that would provide filmmakers with everything they needed to produce whatever idea they had. With easy access to all kinds of tools and services in Hollywood (and later international) studios, filmmakers started perfecting the craft of film production.

Funny picture of film director

There are several major stages in the process of making a film:

  • Development of the film - forming the story, writing the script, and securing funding.
  • Pre-production
  • finalizing the script, gathering the entire film crew from directors and actors to smallest crewmembers, sets and costume creation, location scouting, scheduling, and budget calculation.
  • Production
  • daily filming, traveling on locations.
  • Post-production
  • development of film rolls, sound production, special effect integration, color balancing, music, editing, adjustments for foreign markets, and creation of promotional material.
  • Distribution
  • the finished film is distributed and screened in cinemas (and/or released to consumer media or direct download from a provider).

They have all evolved to the point of great automation and perfection.

With several generations of directors, screenwriters, producers, and actors testing the limits of human imagination by utilizing new technologies and trends, the film industry continues to grow and give the worldwide population access to incredible experiences.

Funny picture of film director
Funny picture of film director
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