Publicity photograph for the movie I Kiss Your Hand, Madame,1929

Publicity photograph for movie

Publicity photograph for the movie Ich küsse Ihre Hand, Madame (I Kiss Your Hand, Madame),1929, featuring stars Marlene Dietrich, Harry Liedtke and Richard Tauber.

This was the first European feature film with a synchronized vocal performance and recorded score.

Premiered on January 16, 1929.

Movie contains only a few songs performed by Richard Tauber.

Marlene Dietrich did not sing in the film, but did so the following year in Der Blaue Engel, which made her an international star.

  • Source:, StummFilmMusikTage
  • Author: Autor unknown
  • Licence: Public domain in the European Union ; Permission: PD-EU-NO AUTHOR DISCLOSURE